Upon arrival all guests are deliver their identity documents(identity cards,passport).

  1. Check in 14:00-24:00/Check out 08:00-12:00
  2. Entry-Exit of vehicles 07:00-24:00
  3. Vehicle speed within the site is 5 km/h
  4.  Parking of cars is allowed in the parking area upon the instructions of the reception
  5. Washing cars, boats and trailers is PROHIBITED.
  6. Pets are allowed in the camping area WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE ROOMS. They must be on a leash, accompanied by the owner and must not enter the sea. The owners are responsible for the dirtiness of the animals inside and outside the parking lot. In case the owners do not comply with the above conditions or the pets are disturbing, the management may remove them from the camp.
  7. Any construction, addition, intervention or violation of independent materials is PROHIBITED. In the event that any of the above is found and the camper does not comply, the management has the right to request the removal of the camper.
  8. The permanent occupation of part of the beach with umbrellas etc. is PROHIBITED.
  9. Common quiet hours 15:00-17:30 and 23:00-7:00 (Art. 1023/2/37-ia. Police order Ministry of Numbers 3-FEKB 15-12-01-1996). Noise of any kind is prohibited such as loud speeches, music, celebrations, etc. During the rest of the hours they must be played at a low volume so as not to disturb
  10. The electricity supply power at the campsites is 6Amp/1200Watt. The extension cables for power transmission must be durable and of IP≥65 specifications. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED any intervention in the fuses of the electrical panels, in the power transmission poles. The company uses anti-electric shock current.
  11. There is a designated point for emptying chemical toilets. It is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN to empty it in any other place.
  12. Throwing garbage of any kind on the beach and inside the campsite is PROHIBITED.
  13. Campers must keep their belongings safe as the company TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY for any loss.
  14. The company is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damages due to weather and other natural phenomena.
  15. Non-camper visits to the campsite are permitted only with permission from reception. Guest cars are NOT ALLOWED.
  16. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to light a fire. The prohibition is governed by the provisions of the fire department and applies to both the camping area and the beach.

Any violation constitutes grounds for termination of the relationship between the parties and gives the company the right to immediately expel from its facilities those who violate the above. It is expressly agreed that the entry and stay of every camper and visitor constitutes unconditional acceptance of the terms of the regulation. 

                                                                                                Have a good accomondation