The blessed nature of Halkidiki is the ideal field for dozens of outdoor activities. The possibilities are limitless. It is the best place for a visitor who wants to combine mountain, sea, recreation, sports and adventure. That’s why we list some of the similar activities that you can find in our area.

Birdwatching in the Lagoons of Agios Mamas and Sani

Among the mountains and forests of Halkidiki, you will find the Agios Mamas water habitat, an ecotourism spot just after the Potidaia canal. The area is a coastal wetland that is a combination of standing water, reedbeds and sand dunes. Agios Mamas is particularly important because here, many protected bird species live, breed and spend a long period every year. Furthermore, due to its unique flora and fauna, the wetland is an essential part of Halkidiki and the nature of Greece.

The aquatic habitat has a unique beauty that you should not miss. Along the coastline, there is low vegetation, and at intervals, you may see shepherds herding goats and sheep. It sounds so ordinary, but it is such a peaceful and mesmerizing sight. It gives you the feeling of calmness. In addition, in winter, the wetland is home to many migratory species, such as the beautiful flamingos. So if you ever go to the wetland, don’t forget your camera or binoculars to photograph and observe these impressive birds.

Ecological Excursion in Sithonia Natura 2000

VIP Presentation Program of the Mediterranean Ecosystems in the Natura 2000 protected area – in Sithonia. Learn how these unique Mediterranean Sithonian ecosystems work from environmental scientists! Geological & Hydrogeological Systems, Natural Mineral Water Springs, Biodiversity Exploration – Analysis & Conclusions, Climatology & Micrometeorology, Flora and Fauna Conservation Biology, Flora of Interest to Bees, Local Natural History etc! You also touch one of the peaks of Mount Itamos in Sithonia, to enjoy Halkidiki from a high altitude of almost 810 m above sea level.

PADI Rescue Diver Course in Kassandra

When you dive in Kassandra Halkidiki, you can see all the beautiful colors and marine life. In a world where you escape from the thoughts and obligations of everyday life, discovering a new sensation, that of underwater breathing. As a scuba diver, you have the opportunity to feel the peace, tranquility and serenity of the deep.

At the same time, you fill up with energy, adrenaline and feel the ultimate sense of freedom. You get closer to nature and the liquid element in a different way than usual. You don’t just enter the sea, you become part of the sea. A new, unique life experience is waiting for you to discover. A hobby that will make your summers unforgettable, meeting new people and discovering amazing places.

Jeep Safari in Halkidiki

And if your sense of adventure is particularly keen, explore Halkidiki with a Jeep, experiencing the adrenaline and the intense pulse of off road routes. 3 different routes, 3 different experiences in Kassandra, Sithonia or Northern Halkidiki. A scenic tour of the Kassandra peninsula, crossing green forests, olive groves and beautiful coasts. Tour all over the Sithonia peninsula, passing through picturesque villages, green pine forests, vineyards and beautiful beaches. Finally, an exploration of the mountainous areas around the capital of Halkidiki, which is Polygyros.

Cruise Athos & Ammouliani

Live the unique experience of a combined cruise to the monasteries of Mount Athos and the island of Ammouliani in Halkidiki. You have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos and admire their unique architecture. Ammouliani in Halkidiki is a small island, a green drop, in the bay of Mount Athos, a small paradise made up of beaches with white sand, seas with clear blue waters, calm, traditional and relaxing rhythms of life. Surrounded by centuries of history, it also offers the visitor many options for interesting excursions.


Discover the experience of free flight with a two-seater paraglider or a two-seater motorized paraglider moving on wheels and take the opportunity to admire the beauties of Kassandra from above! The view of Kassandra’s unsurpassed landscapes from above is a unique experience worth experiencing ! Gliders or paratrikes (two-seater mechanical gliders with wheels for easier take-off and landing) will give you a ride and a vantage point ideal for seeing both the natural terrain and the lacy shores of Kassandra. It is a 100% safe experience, which will surely be unforgettable for a lifetime.


The activities in Halkidiki have no limitations and appeal to all tastes. Some more are:

You can be and do what a real beekeeper does, plus the information you get from the PowerPoint presentation, have fun and experience yourself with the interactive game. The journey to the bee is unique between the forest and the endless green and the wonderful view, almost on all sides of Halkidiki.

Near the city of Thessaloniki is Waterland, one of the biggest theme parks in Greece. You can spend the whole day playing water games and with the slides that are in all the pools. There are lifeguards for the safety of children and a cafe bar and restaurant, so that your whole day will be spent pleasantly.

Travel to the turquoise waters of Sithonia.Join an extraordinary Halkidiki boat cruise, enjoying swimming in the beautiful beaches of Sithonia, Vourvourou, Halkidiki.Rejuvenate and bask in the sun, explore the islets of Vourvourou on a unique cruise, making unforgettable memories !

Full-day excursion to Toroneos Gulf by Pirate ship from Pefkohori, Halkidiki. Traveling on the waves to free your spirit. In a unique experience with our traditional boat, you come and you can spread your own wings over the Kassandra peninsula.

  • Walking in the footsteps of Aristotle and Routes of Halkidiki

There is nothing better than walking in the footsteps of our great ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, where he philosophized about life and man. The Aristotelian path, 14 km., is only one of the paths of Halkidiki (Mavrobara, Porto Koufo) among the rich vegetation and the aromas of nature, which will lead you to small, unexplored paradises.

  • Cycling tour on the mountain of Holomont

The enchanting forest of Holomont is the perfect getaway destination for those of you who want to discover the wild nature on two wheels, breathing in the fresh mountain air.

  • Kayaking in Vourvourou

In one of the most idyllic landscapes of Halkidiki, where there seems to be a secret harmony of sky, sea and vegetation, choose kayaking to get to know the area in a different way.

  • Dragoudeli Crossing

The annual crossing of Dragoudeli or Mount Itamos is an unrepeatable experience every October. You can choose between seven hiking routes, a cycling tour and a horse-riding tour, all ending in the Parthenon village. On your walk, look for Itamos, a 2000-year-old tree, which is today classified as a protected monument of nature.